Atelier Gallery Kaikkonen

Atelier Gallery Kaikkonen is the studio and exhibition space of Sampo Kaikkonen. It is located on an old farm in the countryside of the City of Oulu in Northern Finland. In addition to exhibitions the atelier space also hosts courses and events.


The Atelier Gallery was opened for public in the summer of 2012. The project to turn an old barn into a large studio space started in 2005. The building is a part of an old farm from the beginning of the 19th century. The original stonewall barn was in its time the biggest cowhouse in the area of Ylikiiminki. The stonewalls are still left in both ends of the barn. In the 60s the building was renovated and heightened to include the attic which is now used as the atelier.

In addition to the main building the farm also has three old granaries. The farm is on the shore of the lake Seluskanjarvi.

Exhibitions, courses and events

During the summers the Atelier Gallery houses the exhibition of the paintings by Sampo Kaikkonen. The entrance is free of charge. The artist is usually available to introduce his works in the studio. When the extension of the gallery is ready it will also be used as a smaller exhibition spce for visiting artists.

The space is also used for arranging courses and events. It is also possible to rent it for private occasions. 

Visiting the gallery

In addition to the official opening times groups and individual guests are welcome to visit the atelier for separate agreement. Please use the contact form to ask for a visiting possibility.


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