Sampo Kaikkonen

Sampo Kaikkonen (b. 1975) is a Finnish figurative painter living and working in Oulu, Finland. His oil paintings respect the technique and style of the old masters.

The athmosphere in the paintings is timeless. There are no symbols of specific era and the landscape is universal. Beside the dominant human figures another strong factor in his works is emotion which mediates through his themes, expression and colors.



I am not a painter nor an artist — I am a storyteller. My paintings are hidden paths leading to an eternal place forgotten in the hurry of our times.

I tell stories with my brush. Slowly, layer by layer the spirit flows into the painting. Eventually something pure seems to breathe below the layers. The time is frozen. How did the story begin? Where does it lead?

The spirit of Baroque in forms of color and chiaroscuro remove the paintings from our time. Yet something touches the people of today. My figurative works are easily approachable. Art World's grammar is not needed — the paintings are here and now.

Narrativeness and sentimentality separate my paintings from mainstream contemporary art. After all, they are the features of kitsch rather than art. I'm a representative of the international Kitsch movement that provides alternative to the institutionalized art. I've also worked as a student and assistant of the movement's lead character the Norwegian Odd Nerdrum.

I am walking in big footsteps. Along this hidden path went Caravaggio, Rembrandt and many other giants. I follow the golden cape of my idol. My footprints are still small, but they are of importance to me and to the one whose heart is marked by my paintings.


Kaikkonen regards himself more of a Kitsch painter than an artist. Whith kitsch he refers to the Norwegian painter Odd Nerdrum's definition of high Kitsch.

Whereas art is constantly in the process of change, Kitsch is eternal. It is the rediscovered path enabling us to return to skill and great stories.

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Commissions and Portraits

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Curriculum Vitae

  • Sampo Kaikkonen, b. 1975 Gothenburg, Sweden


  • Student of Odd Nerdrum, spring 2009
  • Master of Arts, University of Lapland, 2007
  • Master of Education / Specialized in Arts, University of Oulu, 2001

Solo Exhibitions

  • Something Sacred, Taidekamari, Pudasjärvi, Finland 2023
  • PINXIT, Neliö Gallery, Oulu, Finland, 2021
  • Faith And Doubt, Atelier-Gallery Kaikkonen, Oulu, Finland, 2021
  • Strength, Gallery Valve, Oulu, Finland, 2018
  • From Light and Shadow, Atelier-Gallery Kaikkonen, Oulu, Finland, 2018
  • Sanctum, Gallerry Kajaste, Helsinki, Finland, 2017
  • Father To Son, Atelier-Gallery Kaikkonen, Oulu, Finland, 2017
  • Inner Light, Atelier-Gallery Kaikkonen, Oulu, Finland 2016
  • Framed, Atelier-Gallery Kaikkonen, Oulu, Finland 2015
  • Golden Butterfly, Atelier-Gallery Kaikkonen, Oulu, Finland 2014
  • Beauty of Death, Atelier-Gallery Kaikkonen, Oulu, Finland 2013
  • Memento Mori, Gallery Vanha Raatihuone, Turku, Finland 2012
  • Altum Silentium, Gallery Valve, Oulu, Finland 2011
  • Hidden Path, Gallery 5, Oulu, Finland 2011
  • Hovinkartano Arts and Cultural Centre, Hauho, Finland 2010
  • Hidden Path, Gallery Saskia, Tampere, Finland 2010
  • Nocturne, Gallery Myotätuuli, Raahe, Finland 2008
  • Moment and Eternity, Jauhiainen art museum, Kiiminki, Finland 2007
  • Moment and Eternity, Gallery Kilo, Rovaniemi, Finland 2007
  • Prologus II, Oulu, Finland 2005
  • Artist of the Month, The Artotheque, Oulu, Finland 2005 and 2007
  • Prologus, Haapavesi, Finland 2004

Group Exhibitions (international)

  • International Surrealism Now, Mafra Palace, Portugali 2024
  • Emergence, Laxenburg Castle, Wien, Itävalta 2021
  • 11 Years of the International Surrealism Now Exhibition, Center of Arts and Spectacle, Portugali 2021
  • International Surrealism Now, Marinha Grande, Portugali 2019
  • International Surrealism Now, Coimbra, Portugali 2018
  • International Exhibition Surrealism Now, Multimedia P.O.R.O.S. Museum, Portugal 2017
  • Kitsch Biennale, Venice, Italy Palazzo Cini 2010
  • International Exhibition 2010 Surrealism Now, Coimbra, Portugal 2010
  • Kitsch - mer enn kunst, Telemarksgalleriet, Norway 2009
  • Nerdrum And Students, Stavern, Norway 2009
  • Nerdrum's Students, Tønsberg, Norway 2009
  • Kitsch Biennale, München, Germany 2008
  • European Masters of Modern Art, Burgau, Austria 2007
  • Kitsch Annual 2006, Stavern, Norway

Group Exhibitions (Finland)

  • KIPU, Oulu art museum collection exhibition, Oulu Finland 2024
  • Recycled, Gallery Valve, Oulu, Finland 2018
  • hOTS, Gallery 5, Oulu, Finland 2015
  • Lucis Aestus, paintings by Kaikkonen and Tammi, Oulu City Theatre, 2014
  • Because, Gallery Valve, Oulu, Finland 2014
  • Uuden ajan ajattelijat, Gallery Valve, Oulu, Finland 2013
  • Pohjoista voimaa, Valve, Oulu, Finland 2013
  • Syysta, O. Jauhiainen art museum, Kiiminki, Finland 2012
  • Small Miracles, O. Jauhiainen art museum, Kiiminki, Finland 2011
  • Otos, Gallery Ahjo, Joensuu, Finland 2011
  • Nature Morte, O. Jauhiainen art museum, Kiiminki, Finland 2009
  • Self Portrait, O. Jauhiainen art museum, Kiiminki, Finland 2008
  • Libriars, city library, Oulu, Finland 2007
  • Tabloid, O. Jauhiainen art museum, Kiiminki, Finland 2007
  • New members of Oulu Artists' Association, Gallery 5/NUKU, Oulu, Finland 2006
  • ART 2005, Rovaniemi, Kemi, Kokkola, Kajaani and Oulu, Finland 2005


  • City of Oulu, Finland
  • City of Raahe, Finland
  • Oulu City Cathedral
  • Oulu Museum of Art
  • Franz Drapela Foundation, Austria
  • The Oulu Region Joint Authority for Education
  • North Ostrobothnian Nation, Helsinki

Works in Publications

  • Book: The Art of Sherlock Holmes: Global 2 2020
  • Catalogue: International ARC Salon Catalogue, 2019
  • Catalogue: International ARC Salon Catalogue, 2017
  • Catalogue: International ARC Salon Catalogue 2014-2015
  • Book: The Nerdrum School, 2013
  • Magazine: Danzar Mundos 1/2012 (Argentina)
  • Book: Kitsch More Than Art, 2011
  • Book: Echoes of the Goddess, 2010
  • Catalogue: Kitsch Biennale Venice, 2010
  • Book: Kitsch Mer Enn Kunst, 2009
  • Catalogue: Kitsch Biennale Munich, 2008
  • Catalogue: European Masters of Modern Art, 2007


  • Oulu Artists' Association
  • Artists' Association of Finland
  • World Wide Kitsch